Vintage NASA/McDonnel Douglas concept art, circa 1975, depicts a future space station imagined in the Manned Orbital Systems Concept program.

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I’m out here, all alone, walking the cold streets. This recession has been really hard. If I needed a job, I doubt I could get one. Now that I’m thirty, my parents will only pay for my rent, my car insurance, my gas, and my clothes. So, to make ends meet, I’ve decided to start an artisan pickle company. I’m going to call it The Dill Conspiracy, get a Kickstarter account, and I’ll be all set. Good-bye “recession blues”!

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Vance Lake by highjoeltage on Flickr.

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Valley Village, Iceland

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Hey Tumblr friends!

Norwood is excited to announce that our online store is officially up and running. This initial announcement is being made exclusively on tumblr as it is our favourite social media outlet (and hopefully yours).


To celebrate this occasion we’re offering 10% off all orders until the end of April 2014. Use the coupon code TUMBLR0414 in the shopping cart to receive the 10% discount. Prices are in Canadian dollars. We are only able to ship to Canada and the US at the present time.

If you have any questions about shipping/payment or need specific info that isn’t listed on any item feel free to contact us. Thanks for your interest!

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